All Work Guaranteed

Annual pruning by our trained experts will improve the health and appearance of your trees, thereby prolonging their useful life. All pruning is plant specific and follows ANSI 3000 Pruning Standards.


Crown Thinning: Remove older less productive wood to promote air flow and growth

Deadwooding: Remove dead and diseased wood

Crown Reduction: Control size

Ornamental: Promote wide angle branching or shaping

Structural Pruning: Train and redirect growth. Promote vigorous new stems. Promote better foliage

Clearance: Involves the removal of limbs that interfere with wires, building facades, gutters, roofs, chimneys, windows, walkways, cars or obstructs view.


Bracing and cabling are effective methods of preserving and strengthening a potentially weak or hazardous tree. Bolting is a method used to strengthen a weak or splitting crotch or union usually in the trunk of a tree. Cabling is used to support heavy limbs and to prevent limb failure under unfavorable weather conditions. Cables are installed high in the tree, at least 2/3 the distance from the defect to the crown. Rods are installed much lower, just above and/or below the defect. Cables are always stronger than rods because of their greater leverage. Cables can be used alone, but bracing is always supplemented with cables Bolting/cabling does not harm tree.